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775 North University Boulevard
Mobile, AL, 36608
United States

+1 (251) 301-0650



SoZo began in 2010 as a consulting company specializing in social corporate responsibility. It was formed from a need that appeared as China’s economy rapidly expanded and became increasingly global. Many businesses were lacking knowledge and opportunity for education about corporate responsibility.

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From this SoZo’s services expanded into helping Chinese companies invest in overseas interests, particularly in the United States.

One of these companies was Golden Dragon, which brought 500 jobs and $300 million to a small town in Alabama.

SoZo led them through developing requirements, modeling needs, generating RFPs, negotiating with federal, state, and local governments, and ultimately helping with site selection.

They also received significant incentives in forms of tax breaks, land grants, and training incentives. This in turn benefited the community in which they established a plant.

Due to the issues that Chinese companies face coming into and operating in the US, we then decided to work with the best candidates in China and other countries.

While doing this, the right people, and the right companies, were connected with each other.

This has led to our latest iteration, SoZo Solutions, where we combine experience and knowledge of technology and global business into developing and delivering complete solutions for companies, organizations, and communities.