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775 North University Boulevard
Mobile, AL, 36608
United States

+1 (251) 301-0650



SoZo is focused on future proofed Solutions Integration that is specifically designed for total guest experience. We pull together major global partners to collaborate on projects that are pushing the bounds of conventional applications through disruptive innovation.

What brings our team together to do the impossible and imagine the unimaginable are the three focus areas of the company, each represented by a leaf in our logo.



Technology is our specialty, and we love to use it. SoZo works with industry leaders on the cutting edge of technology to develop and further the possibilities of every project through technological applications.


How we use technology is as important, if not more so, as the technology itself. Innovating new ways to utilize, incorporate, and simplify technology helps us create and enhance the Total Guest Experience. We take innovation to a whole new level by not merely solving a problem, but creating the solution before the problem ever exists. Future proofing is a way of life at SoZo Solutions, and one of the ways we create lasting solutions for our clients.


Giving back is not a matter of writing a check here at SoZo. We get involved. With every project, we work with our clients and partners to maximize the potential positive impact it has on the community and the environment.